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Background Info

I'm a Swedish game designer and musician. I truly love all forms of media, and am working on trying them all out, while focusing on music and computer games. In high school I studied an international program (IB) because of my seven years stay in California. Post-high I began to study Game Design in the University of Skövde, Sweden. There I was taught how it is to work in a game development group and experienced first-hand how it is to be a creative lead. Since then I have been working on several game projects as well as making music in my free time. At this point I am interested in working anywhere and in all forms of media. All in all I’ve been working on games, movies, short stories, music, poetry, and "art". 

I enjoy artistic projects that explore the developer’s creativity. I'm more of a small group worker but that being said, I am always up for new experiences. My technical skills include: Photoshop, C#, Illustrator, Premiere, Reaper, Logic, Game Maker, Unity, and all sorts of writing programs.


I've started a company together with my friend, Christopher Andreasson, called YCJYgames. Check out our games at





Kristinehöjdsgatan 4
412 82, Göteborg, Svergie
Tel: +46-73 618 8613

Meddelandet togs emot.

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